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On the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Polish-Turkish diplomatic relationships, Modus Design inaugurates a project which will bring together artists, designers and calligraphers from both countries.

The project will be lead by Marek Cecula,  renowned ceramic artist and designer, and realized under the patronage of Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw, Poland, as a part of an ongoing program promoting Polish culture abroad.

 The result of  this synergy will be the creation of visual material originating particularly from the interpretation of calligraphy, illustration and lettering found in the liturgical texts and poetry that are deeply rooted in both cultures. The invited calligraphers and designers will build concepts of integrated graphic material with a common visual message and based on the background of separate traditions, which will be then adapted to ceramic decoration.

The project will result with a large table setting installation which is planning to be shown on Istanbul Design Biennial in the Fall of 2014.

Participants of the project:
from Poland:
Barbara Bodziony
Ewa Landowska
Radosław Nowakowski – chronicler and book artist
from Turkey:
Emine Geçtan
Dilara Yarcı

Instytut Adama Mickiewicza
Modus Design
Tasarim Vakfi Istanbul
Polish Porcelain Factories „Ćmielów” and „Chodzież” C.O.



Link to production

Link to Production / fot. S. Zimmer

„Link to Production” project was an effect of a coordinated collaboration between the IDZ (Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin) and Ćmielów Design Studio – new brand of Polish Porcelain Factories „Ćmielów” and „Chodzież” S.A., aimed to establish professional collaboration between German designers and Polish industry.

The project started in September 2013, when the selected design studios from Berlin where invited to the “Ćmielów” Factory for a study visit. The second phase of the project, held in November, was an individual development of the ideas, preparing models and casting moulds, under the supervision of Marek Cecuła, art director of the studio.

– Our priority for the next few years is to expand and strengthen our position in the European, African and American markets. – commented Inga Kamińska, the chairman of the board of Polish Porcelain Factories – Evaluation of new possibilities, taking into account in the production process the international and cultural differences in the way of using porcelain – these challenges are possible to achieve thanks to our educational projects and international collaboration of Ćmielów Design Studio. Link to production, run together with IDZ, is a good example.

The “Link to Production” project was realized in frame of „Design Innovation & Exchange Programme BERLIN POLAND 2013-2014“ conducted by the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ).

Participants of the project:
Claudia Zachow i Steffen Leuschner (www.creagens.de)
Hermann August Weizenegger (www.hermannaugustweizenegger.de)
Mark Braun (www.markbraun.org)
Maria Volokhova (www.volokhova.com)
Álbio Nascimento, Kathi Stertzig (www.the-home-project.com)
Johanna Spath, Johannes Tsopanides (www.shapesinplay.com)
Anna Badur (www.annabadur.de)
Joa Herrenknecht (www.joa-herrenknecht.com)


Internazional Design Zentrum Berlin
Modus Design
Polish Porcelain Factories “Ćmielów” and “Chodzież”

Read more about the project on the Ćmielów Design Studio blog.



ewelina wisniowska

Ewelina Wisniowska, Euclid / fot. Cezary Hładki

Art Food – contemporary serving forms

In the Art Food project, students of the School of Form in Poznań and the Royal College of Art in London designed ceramic dishes that combine arts with the humanities. Through design, anthropology and cooking workshops, program participants  discovered the cultural dimensions of eating and tested how the taste and preparation of food determine the way it is served. The outcome of the three-step workshop was presented at exhibitions in Poznań, London and Łódź. The project was implemented under the patronage of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of a program which promotes Polish design abroad.

The objective of the Art Food project was to offer design education outside university walls. Design students of the School of Form and the Royal College of Art working under the guidance of Marek Cecuła – Project Leader, a prominent artist, designer and teacher – created ceramic dishes using the tools of industrial production offered by Poland’s oldest china manufacturer: Polish Porcelain Factory “Ćmielów”.

“Art Food is an international project which integrates many areas: the world of design and the ceramic industry, educational and professional activity, as well as working methods and experiences of different cultures. We go out of school to enter real life. As a result, students acquire valuable professional experience, crucial to their careers in design which may also follow directions other than ceramics. A thorough knowledge of the trade pays off later in the career even if its path leads elsewhere,” said Marek Cecuła, Art Food Project Leader.

“The project provides professional experience and opens the door to future collaboration between young designers and the Polish ceramic industry. Key features of the project include cultural integration, exchange of views and experience through shared activities,” commented Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Domestic Design Faculty Supervisor.

The second edition of the ART FOOD project has started in April 2014.

The Art Food project is co-organised by:
Adam Mickiewicz Institute www.iam.pl
Modus Design Studio Marka Cecuły www.modusdesign.com
Royal College of Art, London www.rca.ac.uk
School of Form, Poznań www.sof.edu.pl
Polish Porcelain Factories “Ćmielów” and “Chodzież” www.porcelana.com.pl

Project partners and guests:
Atelier Amaro www.atelieramaro.pl
Concordia Design, Poznań www.concordiadesign.pl
Launceston Place, London www.launceston-restaurant.co.uk
William Sitwell www.williamsitwell.com

Read more about:
– Art Food 2013 artfood2013.wordpress.com
– Art Food 2014 artfoodproject.wordpress.com.